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Thermann 315L
Electric Hot Water System

Maximize your home’s hot water efficiency with the Thermann 315L Electric Storage System, designed for 3 to 4 person households. This large-capacity system ensures a plentiful and consistent hot water supply, all while maintaining energy efficiency.


Thermann 315L 3.6kW Single Element Electric Hot Water System

The Thermann 315L Electric Hot Water System. Designed with precision to cater specifically to the hot water requirements of 3 to 4 occupants, this system guarantees a steady and generous supply of hot water.

What sets this model apart is its impressive 315-liter capacity. This robust system excels at serving multiple hot water applications concurrently, whether you need an extended, soothing shower or you’re tackling household chores like dishwashing. With this system in place, you can rest assured that it will maintain the desired water temperature and pressure, ensuring your daily routine is met with a reliable and uninterrupted flow of hot water.

Beyond the realm of convenience, this unit is also an eco-conscious choice. Its energy-efficient operation not only provides the comfort of hot water but also contributes to reducing your overall energy consumption. This dual benefit means you’ll not only be reducing your carbon footprint but also enjoying long-term savings on your utility bills.

In terms of durability, the System is designed to stand the test of time. Its sturdy construction guarantees years of dependable service, making it a wise and cost-effective investment for the future of your household. You can enjoy the peace of mind that your hot water needs are consistently met with this robust and enduring solution.

The Thermann 315L Electric Hot Water System transcends being a mere utility; it is a cornerstone of daily comfort and convenience within your home. Thanks to its high capacity, energy efficiency, and long-lasting durability, it is the ideal choice for households with 3 to 4 occupants. Upgrade your hot water system today and experience the difference that the Thermann Electric Hot Water System can bring to your daily life. Bid farewell to cold showers and welcome hot water on demand, all while knowing you are making a responsible and eco-conscious choice.

Additional information



Tank Capacity

315 Litres

Hot Water Delivery (First Hour)

315 Litres

Number Of Elements

Single Element

Controllers Available


Element Size

3.6 kW

Suitable for

3 to 4 People