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Thermann 250L
Electric Hot Water System

The Thermann 250L Electric Storage System is the ultimate hot water solution for medium-sized homes with 2 to 3 residents. It offers ample capacity, steadfast reliability, and superior energy efficiency, ensuring your daily hot water needs are always covered.


Thermann 250L 3.6kW Single Element Electric Hot Water System

Are you in search of an efficient Electric Hot Water System designed to cater to medium-sized households, typically consisting of 2 to 3 people? Look no further than the Thermann 250L Electric Storage System. It’s meticulously crafted to provide a remarkable hot water experience, tailored to meet the demands of your daily routines.

The standout feature of this system is its impressive 250-liter capacity. It’s a beacon of reliability, ensuring that you have a generous supply of hot water at your disposal. From your morning showers to your evening baths, and all the chores in between, the Thermann 250L Electric Storage System has got you covered, offering an uninterrupted flow of hot water.

But the Thermann 250L is not just about capacity; it’s also about delivering consistent performance and energy efficiency. Its sleek and well-thought-out design seamlessly integrates into your home, providing you with easy access to hot water whenever you need it, all while minimizing energy waste. This means you can enjoy the comfort of hot water without feeling guilty about its environmental impact.

In essence, investing in the Thermann 250L Electric Storage System is an investment in your comfort and convenience. It’s designed to support the bustling activity of modern residential life, making sure that hot water is never a concern. Upgrade your hot water system today and experience the difference the Thermann 250L can bring to your daily life. Say goodbye to cold showers and hello to hot water on demand.

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Tank Capacity

250 Litres

Hot Water Delivery (First Hour)

250 Litres

Number Of Elements

Single Element

Controllers Available


Element Size

3.6 kW

Suitable for

2 to 3 People