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Thermann 160L
Electric Hot Water System

Discover the efficiency of the Thermann 160L Electric Storage System, tailored for small to medium-sized households of 2 to 3 people. This system delivers a steady supply of hot water, combining modern technology with energy efficiency to meet your daily needs without fail.


Thermann 160L 3.6kW Single Element Electric Hot Water System

Are you in search of an ideal solution for your residential hot water needs, specifically tailored to medium-capacity demands? The Thermann 160L Electric Storage System is the answer. It’s perfectly designed to cater to homes occupied by 2 to 3 individuals, ensuring that your daily hot water requirements are met efficiently and consistently.

The Thermann 160L system is a testament to modern water heating technology, crafted with precision to offer an exceptional balance of performance and energy consumption that’s hard to rival. Its robust design and advanced heating capabilities make it the top choice for homeowners seeking a dependable hot water source.

No matter if it’s your morning shower, dishwashing, laundry, or any other hot water need, the Thermann 160L Electric Storage System is up to the task without missing a beat. It guarantees that hot water is always readily available to support your daily routines, and you can rely on its consistent performance.

Investing in the Thermann 160L Electric Storage System means investing in your home’s comfort and convenience. It’s the perfect solution for medium-capacity hot water supply needs and is built to meet the demands of modern residential life. Upgrade your hot water system today, say farewell to cold showers, and welcome the reliable hot water source you’ve been looking for.

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Tank Capacity

160 Litres

Hot Water Delivery (First Hour)

160 Litres

Number Of Elements

Single Element

Controllers Available


Element Size

3.6 kW

Suitable for

2 to 3 People