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Thermann 125L
Electric Hot Water System

Efficient and compact, the Thermann 125L Electric Storage System delivers reliable medium-capacity hot water, perfect for confined spaces and older, low-voltage electrical systems.


Thermann 125L 3.6kW Single Element Electric Hot Water System

Are you in search of the perfect solution for a moderate hot water supply, especially for homes with limited outdoor space? Look no further than the Thermann 125L Electric Storage System. This compact unit is meticulously crafted to fit seamlessly into smaller areas, ensuring that you enjoy a consistent hot water flow without sacrificing valuable space.

One standout feature of the Thermann 125L system is its 1.8Kw heating element, making it particularly suitable for older homes equipped with low voltage electrical systems. This provides a reliable and efficient hot water experience, ensuring that you have hot water when you need it.

The Thermann system perfectly balances performance with convenience, making it an ideal choice for those who value both efficiency and space-saving design. It’s the perfect solution for households that require moderate hot water supply without the luxury of expansive outdoor space. Upgrade your hot water system today, and experience the compact yet efficient comfort that the Thermann 125L Electric Storage System can bring to your home. Say goodbye to space constraints and hello to a reliable hot water source.

Additional information



Tank Capacity

125 Litres

Hot Water Delivery (First Hour)

125 Litres

Number Of Elements

Single Element

Controllers Available


Element Size

3.6 kW

Suitable for

2 to 3 People